Who Is Carmen Segarra?

#AceMustRead This story is well written and well researched by a great writer by a fellow blogger JP and anyone interested in the truth should read it #truth


Posted October 20, 2013

by Jerry Alatalo

For those who have tried to do what they can to expose the historic criminality on Wall Street, Carmen Segarra is, as they say in law enforcement circles, “a person of interest”. Not in the sense that she has come to be seen as a suspect in some sort of crime, but that her case is one that can help the citizens of America and the world learn how the Wall Street operators “operate”.

As the story of Ms. Segarra is relatively new and developing, so far I have not a great deal to say about it. However the most important aspect of her story has to do with regulation of the financial sector-or should I say the lack of regulation. Carmen Segarra was a bank examiner for the New York Federal Reserve and worked on compliance issues as they related to Dodd-Frank laws as well as…

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