World Banking Cartel Exposed. What Now?

#AceDebtNews – the real truth is being played out in these the end of days, to break the cartel of control, is the plan of a higher force than us, given that we have to wait until those that control our lives, reveal their true intentions #truth



Posted October 13, 2013

by Jerry Alatalo

“In your face” expose which was broadcast on PressTV on the history and existence of an international banking cartel. What is a cartel? A syndicate controlling prices and production. What is a syndicate? Syndicate is a combination of persons or companies for large joint enterprise. For some the information provided in this production is almost overwhelming because of the commonly held belief that bankers were your neighbors-you grew up as kids with bankers’ kids.

To come across information like this is an experience similar to the rudest of awakenings. When one understands that there are people and families on this Earth who have accumulated such astronomical power and influence through the decades, learning facts that are never mentioned in the history books or on the mass media, it is shocking.

One gets shaken violently and finds that it seems like the world has turned upside down in…

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