Obama Demands $1.1 Trillion Ransom–or He Will Crash Global Economy

#AceDebtNews – “The truth is stranger than fiction – or how the story goes ” and the truth behind this story is still being played out behind the scenes #truth

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breitbartObama Demands $1.1 Trillion Ransom–or He Will Crash Global Economy.

President Barack Obama is demanding a $1.1 trillion “ransom”–or else he will not allow the debt ceiling to be raised. That’s the effective offer on the table from the president and Senate Democrats. They have now refused to pass a “clean” short-term debt ceiling hike unless Republicans agree to reverse the “sequester” spending cuts in the 2011 Budget Control Act that were enacted–at Obama’s suggestion–to end the last debt ceiling crisis.

The president, who has invited congressional leaders to conduct talks at the White House Monday afternoon, still continues to insist that he “will not pay a ransom for Congress reopening the government and raising the debt limit.” Yet he and his party are the ones insisting on a “ransom,” now that Republicans appear to be in the mood to compromise after opinion poll results last week showed them losing…

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