Report: Tea party group FreedomWorks is in deep financial trouble

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#AceDebtNews the financial wrangling’s go on and still behind the scenes certain people are making hay while the sun does not shine #obama

Report: Tea party group FreedomWorks is in deep financial trouble

By Travis GettysFriday, October 11, 2013 8:21 EDT The conservative activist group credited with building the tea party has turned into a nearly broke wingnut welfare slush fund, according to former staffers. Sources told BuzzFeed that FreedomWorks was forced to take out a $1 million line of credit to…

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Shahien Nasiripour – Lawmakers Probe Big Banks Using Colleges To Target Students


As always in the world of banking the eye to a main chance rears its ugly head, this time in the form of kick-backs ,or as it used to be called back handers, as an incentive to sign people up to a world of indebtedness!

Shahien Nasiripour wrote a new post Lawmakers Probe Big Banks Using Colleges To Target Students

Shahien Nasiripour 09/27/13

A group of senior U.S. lawmakers has launched a probe into big banks’ relationships with universities amid concerns that students and taxpayers are being harmed by fees to banks and kickbacks to…

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Editorial on the the Process of Deletion of zeros from the Iraqi dinar

#AceFinanceNews when something like this happens and there seems no rhyme or reason ,behind the scenes is the puppet master pulling the strings to manipulate the currency changes, in favour of the elite group of investors, looking to make more money! The only aim of these people are to become as rich as croesus –

The Currency Newshound

Screen Shot 2013-02-16 at 12.22.47 PMFlashback Article:Iraq Said To Be Planning Currency Overhaul, Redenomination(June 2011)


Raised the issue of deletion of zeros from the Iraqi dinar and promoted by the central bank in recent times a lot of talk among professionals about the economic feasibility and its impact on the Iraqi economy, has reported advisers at the central bank that the deletion of zeros will help to alleviate the Event inflation suffered by the Iraqi economy where This action will help to reduce the money supply in the country, which according to them is one of the causes of inflation arguing that the timing is so suitable for the stability of the Iraqi economy, which is experiencing a stable dinar exchange rate against foreign currencies.

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