Bankers: Isolating the banking sector by the CBI procedure and would disrupt the work of banks in the domestic market

Disrupting bankers that have manipulated the markets for many a year will not put them on the back foot! As they already have planned through numerous connections ,to make sure they protect their own back, even when they are stabbing their colleagues in their back, to save their own skins! You cannot control any organisation or bank when they control the market, products the sell [be it under another services name] and the interest rates! You do not need more than that just to trade, without being touched by the mere fact they can sit at a computer screen, and make and move billions in seconds!

The Currency Newshound


08-10-2013 10:07 AM

Despite the appeal to some members of the Finance Committee and parliamentary bodies the country’s economic isolation of the banking sector by the Central Bank through the enactment of a special allow the establishment of a supreme body an independent banking sector in the country, so that the central bank full-time work to support and stabilize the exchange rate of the dinar against the dollar, but that the number of bankers have expressed their rejection of this proposal and calling it harmful to the banking sector and market activity, he would lose control over the work of banks and makes it run as you like without the presence of sergeant or Haseeb. and confirmed their talk (of the Agency news) that the body which will be subject to محاصصات partisan and sectarian and will be managed by the people, not professionals which ستربك work of banks…

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