BREAKING NEWS JP Morgan makes $920m London Whale payout to regulators

#AceDebtNews a bank brought to book for doing wrong is rare, but could the time becoming when every banker has to pay the piper, from his own funds, rather than his clients!


Are the tides turning? A Bank being held to task? Perhaps this is ‘Battle of the Banks’ where the illuminati fight over which one is going to run the forthcoming world.


US bank JP Morgan Chase has agreed to pay four regulators $920m (£572m) relating to a $6.2bn loss incurred as a result of the “London Whale” trades.

Under the settlement, $200m will go to the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and £138m to the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

As part of the deal JP Morgan admitted violating US federal securities laws.

Traders at JP Morgan’s London office built up huge losses in derivatives trades at the beginning of last year.

Two former JP Morgan traders face criminal charges in the US relating to the case.

They deny charges of lying about the size of their trades in order to hide their mounting losses.

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Obama asks leaders to push Congress to raise debt limit

#AceDebtNews in debt need more just ask and we will mint you more! Problems only occur when you continue to use the debt book as security and eventually debt becomes greater by 12 times the GDP!
Then the tip-over point is reached and what ever you do, cannot be rectified as to borrow more, tips you further over, to raise interest rates reduces spending and thus GDP falls!
This is the point l call the point of no return!!! Now everyone is looking to see whether the US has reached 12 times its debt book, remember you can only work this out, when you know the truth! #look4signs