Update – and paid off Student Loan #2

Good financial management is what paying off debt is all about, this is how this person did themselves! Well done so far! #AceDebtNews

The not-so-foreseeable future

Knowledge @ PQC

There are no guarantees in life. The same applies to project management, but you have to deal with people who expect you to be a prophet when it comes to projects you’re working on.

A fact of project management life is that management hates surprises, bad ones especially. While we can’t turn you into Nostradamus, we might be able to help you better predict potential problems before they happen.

Project risk management is the process of identifying, analyzing and responding to project risk. Although it is important to be able to go through the entire risk management process the first step, and perhaps most important, is to identify the risk events that are likely to affect your project.

The following are several methods for doing so: 

Brainstorming: The most frequently used technique; this involves input from everyone on the project team to create a comprehensive list of possible risks. Everyone’s…

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Codeword Hudson 5 (Syria)

Really great video pick and first time had chance to comment directly, so as you mentioned Hudson Institute and Rand Corporation being not-for-profit and making all that money! It is a simple answer even, though a company registers as not-for-profit they are in fact stating that they can make profit but it must be reinvested and as such most of these people like Rothschild, Carnegie and Ford are part of funding the Tavistock Institute and the way after World War Two funds were also used for operation paper-clip! The simple use of this type of corporate not-for-profit arrangement has allowed people to hide money in various places like this using the fact it is reinvested for the good of the corporation!