Careless Talk Costs Us Our Welfare Budget

Over the past 3 years this government has taken larger and larger slices out of our welfare budget, all in the name of saving money. it has come to be known collectively as “Austerity Measures.” in the beginning we took it as read, that we needed to save money, as our borrowing had spiraled out of control, due to successive governments overspend! The real truth is that we have given this government the right, by our agreement of wanting more police-protection, security for terrorist acts and stop those so-called lazy scroungers, who earn more than me, to apply such costing cutting tactics! Each time we say that we want to stop this type of senseless violence or ban someone from our country, for no more than having an opinion, that differs from our own, we instigate government control of our lives!
The sheer fact that when we do anything wrong, or some member of our family gets killed serving this country, we want someone to blame! This becomes testament to the type of world that this is becoming! We want to put great back into Britain we say, but at what cost to ourselves and our children! I read so often about how it is acceptable to use business to lie cheat and steal, and justify it by saying ” other people like the bankers took more than me” is this the world we teach our children to respect!

So on this day l urge people to think before they speak, as it was said so many years ago ” Careless Talk Costs Lives” and this time it will not just be those that protect our country that will suffer ,but every man woman and child.

Take Care.

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