Careless Talk Costs Us Our Welfare Budget

Over the past 3 years this government has taken larger and larger slices out of our welfare budget, all in the name of saving money. it has come to be known collectively as “Austerity Measures.” in the beginning we took it as read, that we needed to save money, as our borrowing had spiraled out of control, due to successive governments overspend! The real truth is that we have given this government the right, by our agreement of wanting more police-protection, security for terrorist acts and stop those so-called lazy scroungers, who earn more than me, to apply such costing cutting tactics! Each time we say that we want to stop this type of senseless violence or ban someone from our country, for no more than having an opinion, that differs from our own, we instigate government control of our lives!
The sheer fact that when we do anything wrong, or some member of our family gets killed serving this country, we want someone to blame! This becomes testament to the type of world that this is becoming! We want to put great back into Britain we say, but at what cost to ourselves and our children! I read so often about how it is acceptable to use business to lie cheat and steal, and justify it by saying ” other people like the bankers took more than me” is this the world we teach our children to respect!

So on this day l urge people to think before they speak, as it was said so many years ago ” Careless Talk Costs Lives” and this time it will not just be those that protect our country that will suffer ,but every man woman and child.

Take Care.

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China Post reports that the Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers…

China Post reports that the Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA) has shut production at 12 risky buildings in and around Dhaka, In its first move to tighten compliance in the apparel sector after the fatal Rana Plaza collapse on April 24.

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ChinaPost com tw U S credit card giants…

( – U.S. credit card giants Visa and Master-card sued retailers that rejected a multi-billion-dollar settlement over transaction fees and asked the court to rule the fee practices weren’t illegal.

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Just listening to the latest pod cast from…

Just listening to the latest pod-cast from the Guardian Poverty Action Development outlook! The main and over-riding facts discussed were the way large corporate companies look at poverty as trade! The sheer fact that at all these meetings including the G8 Summit those that attend are interested in furthering trade contracts, whilst people starve!

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World Bank to arbitrate EU, Turkey trade accord

Nothing has happened with this accord in real terms since 1996, now it is violated by both sides! How sad!!!

Bitcoin buzz stays high — even after bubble

This is a simple and effective way to pay on line and if any government thinks it will make them money, they will try and control its use! If they get too big watch for government controls!!


Bitcoin lost more than half its value last month but there’s more interest in the cyber-currency than ever. While Bitcoin stories used to be restricted to tech and science sites, they’re now a fixture of the financial press and even consumer news sites.

Last week, for instance, brought a fresh spate of news that suggest more people are treating Bitcoin as a serious form of money rather than a science fiction experiment. Here’s a roundup (if you want to meet people backing Bitcoin, come to our free meetup in San Jose on May 16):

Bitcoin is becoming more liquid

Gift card site Gyft has started accepting Bitcoin as payment. The significance here is that average consumers now have a forum to use their Bitcoins on a wide variety of familiar consumer brands. As Techcrunch noted, other merchants’ Bitcoin announcements (like that San Francisco cupcake shop) are largely marketing…

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One Linux over all: Mark Shuttleworth’s ambitious post-PC plans for Ubuntu — Tech News and Analysis

It’s a gutsy bet. He’s basically taking on Google’s Chrome Browser, ChromeOS and Android OS. And then there’s iOS. Not a job for the faint of heart. In a recent interview with GigaOM,  Shuttleworth said a key Ubuntu advantage is that its basic code really does run everywhere from itty-bitty mobile devices to big iron. No Android-Chrome OS divide here.

“The core of Ubuntu that runs on the server is the same as on the phone and that’s a wonderful resonance,” Shuttleworth said. “We’ve done  pioneering work to put server Linux on ARM chips and the core of those ARM chips is the same for servers as it is for smartphones,”  Shuttleworth said.

One Linux over all: Mark Shuttleworth’s ambitious post-PC plans for Ubuntu — Tech News and Analysis.