Privatisation Backdoor Style

Sometimes with a back-door in politics,evolves a plan,with the aim to change the promise made by a chancellor! This plan has been months in the making,and the next step is to remove the fence that has ringed the NHS funding for many a year, and it will shortly be dismantled! And with it all the promises made since the introduction of the ” Community Care Act” in 1990! It will be washed away “like throwing the baby out with the bath water,” and what a baby it is, having been nurtured since inception in 1948! So you ask what do l mean, well simply back in 1979 when Margaret Thatcher came to power, the rot set in and everyday since that time it carried the nails in its side (like Jesus, just waiting for the time of the next Conservative Government, to finish the job she started! Well her legacy of privatising the NHS is nearly realised, as various MPs gather to sound the death knell of our beloved, yet beleaguered health service! Leaving in its wake a disjointed, broken-up and battered organisation, ripe for the picking!Soon those nails so carefully placed by Margaret Thatcher will become so painful that we will be told by the chancellor, there is no choice the NHS cannot have guaranteed funding and it will slowly die on the cross of “#ProfitB4People and “Care In The Community” will be no more, unless you can afford to pay!!

LATEST:// 30/04/2013 at 6am today.

Six centre-Right policy institutes say it is “not sensible” to define some public services as “sacrosanct”, as two think-tanks favoured by Labour criticise the ring-fencing of funds for schools, health and international development.

The independent Institute for Fiscal Studies also warned that other public services would suffer more “pain” as a result of the “sub-optimal” approach to reviewing government budgets. Read full story at: Cut-Aid-& NHS-Cash-George-Osborne-Told


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Borrowing More Costs You Less

Recently l visited my bank having repaid a personal loan! My intention was to look at another loan! But it also provided me with even greater understanding, of how people are talked into #debt! The simple fact was l had a plan,l knew my budget, but my bank manager also had a plan, but both plans went in different directions! His was to provide 2 quotes one for the amount l asked for, and one for 50% higher! But his comment must be music to every borrowers ears,” If you borrow more it costs you less” Well thanks for that l said, but having got people out of debt over the last 25 years, l know how easy it is to get into#debt! Also how difficult it is to become #debt-free! So l told him l would get back to him when l was ready. But it just shows how easy it is to#Borrow More And Repent At Leisure! Always remember borrow only what you#can-afford and have planned to borrow. Do not let anyone persuade you to follow their plan,or one day you will pay the piper, and your bank will get richer! So plan to become #debt-free and not end up further in #debt and unable to make the repayments!


Get Out Of Debt Without Borrowing

Finally l have connected all my websites and RSS Feeds into Google Apps using web-master tools and the joint site now has it first group launched today, “Get Out Of Debt” and post a comment by emailing the site at or anyone with a debt of any kind can email me with their problem in total confidence to at either or
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Lloyd Blankfein’s $21m haul makes him the world’s best paid banker

Another example of bankers becoming the playboy rich and all using other peoples money! The mere fact that they sooner, rather than later will not need us as, they already have fleeced us, will come as no suprise to some, but others are still not aware of how these “cowboys” work the investment mrkets! With their system it is heads they win, and tails they win! It is all about gearing, and they control the mechanics to gear everything in their favour! So learn the system first, before you invest or one day soon you will be they one saying, l did not see that coming!!!! And it will bre too late as you will be another one shorn!