Merkel reassures Turkey on EU talks, Erdogan raps Cyprus.

The Eurozone needs other countries to join so they can fill their coffers with money and only be reassuring other countries everything is all right in the Garden, will this be achieved! The fact that holding together a fiscal union in the light of all the impending scandal, is a trick that is not going to be achievable!

Rivers of Hope


BERLIN (Reuters) – German Chancellor Angela Merkel toldTurkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan on Wednesday the European Union (EU) would pursue accession talks with his country in good faith, despite some persistent disagreements.

Erdogan said on Tuesday the EU would lose Turkey if it did not grant it membership by 2023, the first time he has indicated how long Ankara might continue down the path towards EU entry.

Turkey’s talks to join the bloc, launched in 2005, have all but ground to a halt due to an intractable dispute over the divided island of Cyprus, an EU member, and opposition from core EU members France…

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