Foster Children Being Forced To Look After Themselves


Aging-Out-of-Foster-Care (Photo credit: epnichols)

Research has discovered that thousands of children are being forced to leave foster and residential care at 16 unprepared to look after themselves. A third of all children in residential homes and a fifth of those in the care system move out at that age and are expected to be able to cope with running a flat and paying their bills. This is eight years earlier than the average home-leaver. Last year only 240 young people were funded in care by their local authority until 21, up from 230 the year before.

Just when you think this government could not come up with another way to save money, this article cropped up on my radar! The age of these children being as young as 16 and being expected having been moved from pillar to post for years, to have the ability to look after themselves in the community!

This l can only call the ” Pontius Pilot Syndrome “ as it is so simply to wash their hands of such a time-consuming system  of looking after children that have to be put into foster homes, through no fault of their own! As their parents can no longer look after them or the child is in danger and vulnerable!

In this world we have a government that on one hand says we CARE and on the other hand if it COST too much and they cannot get away with PRIVATISATION  of the service provision, they withdraw the funding!

Thus leaving the local authority to foot the bill for the next 5 years!  

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