German opposition leader tells party can unseat Merkel.

There is a thought that Merkel could be unseated by the same power that put her there in the first place! One problem to solve the EU debt crisis we need to stop borrowing and one problem eludes every state HOW! One dictator displaces another and so on and so until the end.
Today the name of new EU building was revealed it is called the EUcharist!

Rivers of Hope


BERLIN (Reuters) – Germany’s former Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier appealed to the emotions of his center-left opposition party on Saturday with an attack on Chancellor Angela Merkel‘s coalition and a vow to win back power in next year’s election.

Steinmeier, one of three Social Democrat (SPD) leaders jostling to lead the party into the 2013 election, delivered an uncharacteristically rousing speech to 700 SPD officials at a conference, in what sounded like an audition for the top job.

“We’re going to fight to win, not for second place,” Steinmeier said, dismissing suspicions the SPD would be content as junior partner in another grand coalition with Merkel’s conservatives. “We want to lead in a coalition with the Greens, a coalition that will point Germany towards the future.”

The SPD will pick a candidate in January to run against Merkel…

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