German opposition leader tells party can unseat Merkel.

There is a thought that Merkel could be unseated by the same power that put her there in the first place! One problem to solve the EU debt crisis we need to stop borrowing and one problem eludes every state HOW! One dictator displaces another and so on and so until the end.
Today the name of new EU building was revealed it is called the EUcharist!

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BERLIN (Reuters) – Germany’s former Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier appealed to the emotions of his center-left opposition party on Saturday with an attack on Chancellor Angela Merkel‘s coalition and a vow to win back power in next year’s election.

Steinmeier, one of three Social Democrat (SPD) leaders jostling to lead the party into the 2013 election, delivered an uncharacteristically rousing speech to 700 SPD officials at a conference, in what sounded like an audition for the top job.

“We’re going to fight to win, not for second place,” Steinmeier said, dismissing suspicions the SPD would be content as junior partner in another grand coalition with Merkel’s conservatives. “We want to lead in a coalition with the Greens, a coalition that will point Germany towards the future.”

The SPD will pick a candidate in January to run against Merkel…

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InfoCision Charity Scam: Report Finds Telemarketing Company Takes Largest Cut Of Donations

These companies are not charitable they disgraceful,but l never surprised at these types of tactics just to make a buck! Over the past 5 years l stopped giving to charity and now provide my services by getting people out of debt by charitable means! So that anyone donating money to my organisation will be told it is in a welfare fund and be asked which of one of seven causes do they want to support.Each one of these causes are for people living in and around my local community and all funds does not go to any registered charity, but to buy a wheelchair, or piece of equipment to help someone disabled!

The mot of our organisation is people before profit!
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Compensation Culture Costs Health and Education Services

NHS Job Shop: "Working for Health" i...

NHS Job Shop: “Working for Health” in Kentish Town. Closed. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Centre for Policy Studies has claimed that Britain’s escalating compensation culture is “bleeding the health and education services dry”. A new report from the think-tank says that the number of legal claims against the NHS and schools after accidents or mistakes has reduced the quality of services rather than improving safety or accountability. It points to a series of cases where local councils have been forced to pay compensation to school pupils injured in its care and says that many schools will now not take pupils on trips in case they are sued if something goes wrong.

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Local Councils Are Running Low On Funds

Vince Cable & Sir Merrick Cockell

Vince Cable & Sir Merrick Cockell (Photo credit: CentreforCities)

A reader writes into respond to Merrick Cockell’s warning from last week that spending cuts will bleed councils dry. She says that the cuts are already having a crippling effect on councils, with many dipping into their reserves. Additionally, she notes that many local authorities are at risk of having no money left to tackle unexpected events such as flooding, fire or cyber crime. The reader concludes that council’s need to keep a firm grasp on long-term events.

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China’s imports shrink in sign downturn worsening

China’s economy is reaching boiling point as it overheats,with success!

Chile bans marketing of toys in children’s food

About time we stop child exploitation by offering bribes to eat their food!

Obama aides mock Romney talk of taking ‘God’ off currency.

The sheer fact that the ” Love of Money is the Root of all Evil” that maybe as much as l may agree in the words ” In God we Trust” should it be on the mighty dollar?

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President Barack Obama smiles during a campaign event at the Florida Institute of Technology in Melbourne, Florida …”The president believes as much that God should be taken off a coin as he does that aliens will attack Florida.”

That’s the response from Obama campaign spokeswoman Jen Psaki to Mitt Romney‘s apparent suggestion at a Virginia Beach, Va., rally on Saturday that Democrats hope to take “In God We Trust” off American money. There is no such effort.

“I will not take God off our coins and I will not take God out of my heart. We’re a nation that’s bestowed by God,” the Republican standard-bearer said.

“Look, this is nothing more than a desperate attack based on a false premise by the Romney team, and it’s sad that the debate has been driven to this level of discourse,” said Psaki. “It’s an absurd question to be…

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Mario Draghi-Call Me Bond Junk Bond

Printer Mario Draghi

Printer Mario Draghi (Photo credit: Ondrej Kloucek)

The Before Thursday:

After Ben Bernanke took the stage in Jackson Hole last week to rather defensively suggest the Fed will act soon, Thursday is Mario Draghi’s turn.

Before we get into the details of what the ECB could announce, a quick update on the European debt crisis: It’s still there. Yields for Spanish and Portuguese debt are at or above the 7% danger zone, and Italy is publicly complaining that their debt costs have little basis,Jens Weidmann, Germany’s top central banker, meanwhile, is reportedly both isolated and threatening to quit over his opposition to the ECB buying debt of struggling EU countries.

In a closed-door meeting in Brussels yesterday, Mario Draghi told the European Parliament that he’d be comfortable buying EU members’ bonds with maturities of three years or so. This, Draghi reportedly said, wouldn’t violate EU treaties. (Bill Gross tweeted that this bond-buying program would be something like writing “2-3 year checks”).

Of course, ECB bond-buying has been the summer’s worst-kept secret. As the WSJ’s Matt Phillips noted, Draghi said this on July 25: “To the extent that the size of these sovereign premia (in Spain and Italy) hamper the functioning of the monetary policy transmission channel, they come within our mandate”.

Draghi’s hints mean that three years into the European debt crisis, the ECB may finally return to limited, direct financing of struggling governments. Analysts, however, are all over the map about what the ECB may actually announce after its meeting on Thursday, and whether it will involve yield caps.

One safe bet: more political entanglement. Even though Draghi insists the ECB is not political, his actions are still very much wrapped into discussions on what he recently called “the sharing of powers and of accountability”. Or, as Nomura put it: “Just imagine if the Fed had to play tough with California or worse Texas for example, to effectively impart monetary policy”.

The Economist‘s Charlemagne blog has a great description of Draghi’s predicament: He simply can’t fix Europe without the help of the continent’s leaders:

The After Thursday:

So finally after all the wheeling and dealing Mario Draghi got his own way and opened Pandora’s box and now we wait! This is the fact that the ECB the “lender of last resort” has finally supported ” buying up debt” and letting it be sold as ” junk to the highest bidder.” We can all con ourselves this is for the good of the euro zone but really we know it is for the good markets and nobody else!The real winners short-term are the gamblers of our food,oil and lives!

The control of the masses by the few is how we should see it and the sheer fact that our lives are controlled by a simple but very effective piece of paper called simply a “share.” Well now we own a share of ” gambling debt” a little like an IOU that will never be repaid! So instead of having ” junk bonds” we now have junk funds, capitalise by gambling debt!

And as we all know when you are in debt one day you have to repay pay it or eventually declare bankruptcy!

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