This was quite revealing as to see Peter or Paul as not just another target for greed. This seemed to me a way to provide an insight into people, rather than ownership!

It is the bird with broken wings that Soars...

Have you ever heard the old saying: “Robbing Peter to pay Paul?” Is there anyone who at some time of their life has not had to do that very thing to get by? And some even spend their whole life stuck in this very situation.

When I’m driving down the road I have a lot of time to think about things and sometimes I get to pondering the strangest thoughts, such as, why would I rob Peter to pay Paul? Well, I came up with two very good possibilities. One, maybe Paul wants his money now and I can put Peter off for a while. And two, maybe Peter is a nicer person to owe than Paul is? Both very valid reasons why a person might rob Peter to pay Paul. So where am I going with this, anyway?

As I see it, God had a serious dilemma on his…

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U.S. investigates whether JPMorgan traders hid losses

Hiding toxic assets as bad credit trades is one way of avoiding them showing up on their balance sheet! By making a loss they will be able to offset their UK tax on any profits!

Olympic security highlights seven weaknesses in UK industry policy

This is the type of funding that could be so easily used to help our care industry and people in need! Instead of G4S it should be ” Good For Us ”

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The Telegraph newspaper picks up a topical story in the UK media. It’s well worth a read. Check it out!

Olympic security: The firm at centre of the shambles ‘has seen fee rise by £53m’ – Telegraph.

However for me, it highlights a number of powerful weaknesses in  UK industry policy:

Firstly, despite recent interventions of the Cabinet Office, the UK Public Sector‘s procurement policies are largely bureaucratic and ineffective, compared to Best Practice in the Private Sector.

Secondly, the cited cost escalations are down to programme management, another area where practice is highly prescribed by the Cabinet Office, where too much emphasis is placed on simplistic mechanical measures, like Prince 2, rather than emerging Best Practice in Programme and Project Management.

Thirdly it highlights the ineffectiveness of the Competition Commission (CC) which replaced the Monopolies and Mergers Commission:

The CC replaced the Monopolies and Mergers…

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