” Thousands Turn To Loan Sharks”

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Thousands turn to loan sharks

A survey by Unite has revealed that thousands of families are using payday lenders and loan “sharks” in order to survive. Eight out of ten people (82%) say their wages don’t last the month, while 12% say they have to resort to high street payday loan companies just to pay the bills. Meanwhile, the Government has announced a £38mn package for credit unions to help a million low-paid workers get easier access to cheap loans.

This is becoming more prominent everyday as people who have lived in this world of buy-now-pay-later! Or you can have anything you want at 0% interest for 12 months, then the dye is set and when the going gets tough, people turn to these pay-day loans. Even our government supports many of these types of schemes, as being a better proposition than the longer term alternatives. The truth is far different as they may well provide money quickly, with very few questions asked, but ask yourself why? No lenders l know or have ever dealt with in the past, do something for nothing! Their only aim is making profits fast and quickly and usually as much as possible.

So when borrowing becomes that easy!

This sign, displayed at all credit unions, inf...

This sign, displayed at all credit unions, informs members that their savings are insured by the NCUA. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ask yourself this question? What is in it for them and if it is more than you, check out the small print and ask for a copy prior to signing any contract.

And remember these words! You can sign for a million and you can also sign away a million! There are many people ready to fleece any sheep that passes their way! Also lenders who purport give something for nothing are ” Wolves In Sheep’s Clothing” waiting for all those who want an easy way!

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Michael Marin, Ex-Wall Street Trader, Dies In Courtroom After Conviction

The Truth

The Truth (Photo credit: Tom Verre)

Staying honest is harder than lying, stealing and covering up their spoils! These people who end up taking their own lives are more to be pitied than judged. It is easier to judge a thief than to feel admiration for an honest man/woman.As to have pity in our hearts,we have to take one step closer towards forgiveness. So l say spare a though for how he got here and what made him decide that he could not live with,his shame!

Maybe at the last second of his life he found the truth!
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Angela Merkel: Big Loser Of Eurozone Showdown

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This was and is the biggest mistake to be made by any leader, by turning against her people! In allowing this ludicrous debacle to carry on unabated the Euro Zone now risks the greatest collapse of all. This being the over-supply of capital to greedy banks that have a mindset to continue lending larger and larger amounts with the same inept disregard for the future of financial structure! By the sheer fact of this U-turn she is signalling that austerity measures are not required and that giving bankers what they want, when they want will lead to expansion, followed by a catastrophic collapse, that no one will ever recover from!