Bailiff Behaviour Targeted By Ministry Of Justice

This is an act that should be repealed and given a complete overhaul given to how this is applied in today`s cash strapped world.
From a young age we are taught by successive government­s that to keep the economy growing we need to buy goods and services, even if this means borrowing money on credit arrangemen­ts. As from our first agreement we are all on a downward spiral of indebtedne­ss,so more than others.
As peoples incomes, jobs and livelihood are put at risk anyone can end up with the not being able to repay their debt`s and anyone having been in debt will know when you lend your lender is your friend, but when in debt no one want`s to know you.
Then one day a bailiff comes calling and once, that`s right just once you let them over the threshold they can come back anytime and gain entrance by fair means and in most cases foul.

So it is time for a real overhaul.
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Lib Dem Simon Hughes – Benefit Reforms Will ‘Break Up Families’

If we want to change the welfare system firstly it has to be fair to both middle and lower class families alike. The system at present does not allow for anyone earning a low wage to be able to benefit as the word suggests from the constructi­on of the system at present, these are typical of these figures picked up from a comment. It is an example of the unfairness in the gearing.

As for the cap it should be in place. So as people who have been claiming 170K plus on benefits to live in Knightsbri­dge cannot claim these types of benefits.

Families of 5 kids have been getting the following

Housing benefit – 104,000
Child Tax Credit – 13,337.04
Income Support – 5,539.67
Council tax – 2,157.83
Child Benefit – 3,863.91
Free Schooling – 6000 * 5 = 30000
Free Health Care – 1800 * 7

Total 172,000
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Do Friday’s European Downgrades Matter?

As the Euro Zone countries are all gradually down graded the affect will be felt by the lack of confidence that other non-euro countries will not invest in that country. The knock on effect is even more revealing as countries down graded that have at one time borrowed at the most advantageo­us rates of interest, will have to pay more and this will put a greater pressure on their ability to make repayment of their debt.
This will eventual lead to a bond melt down and will with in the next 6 months lead to a number of poorer Euro Zone countries leaving and decamping to other currencies­, leaving the richer ones to their own devices.
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Arianna On How To Fix America’s Economy

The problem with capitalism is that it is geared to making money and not building up wealth and prosperity for the country. I was always of the mind having been involved in finance for many many years, that we look at the client as the most important and in this case the client is the country.

By providing wealth and prosperity for the people we can by gearing provide the way to fund the country by provision of a simple system of not-for-pr­ofit services providing jobs for people. These jobs have to be able to provide food, clothing and a home for people as a God given right and not short-term gain for long time profit for the politician­s.
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