Bank Of England May Print More Money In 2012

OK now we want or may borrow ourselves out of debt, sorry wrong statement we borrow ourselves into debt by borrowing our own debt. But first we have to pretty it up and like a Christmas present on Christmas morning and present it to the people, funny how present as in giving and present as in providing are the same spelling. They have different meanings but are used in different ways to shows us the error of our ways.

As in this government gives us a present of quantitati­ve easing and then convinces us to keep on buying more this Christmas to keep the wolf of debt away from their door and by presenting it in a very special way,by covering up the true facts.
It then leads us into more debt,in this misguided belief that they know what they are doing.

Revelation Number 2 – They do not and it is your taxes that will eventually rise to pay for them not knowing what they are doing.
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