Eurozone Crisis: Euro Deal On The Brink As Greek Cabinet Agrees To Papandreou’s Gamble

This would seem simple in the main. Firstly Papandreou­’s wants his people to agree that he is doing the right thing by agreeing with the 17 and as we all know most of his people will vote NO as it will mean cuts to their standard of living for years to come. Secondly by proceeding with the agreement made with the 17 he has to provide the same cuts to his peoples standard of living – possibly for more years to come. So either way as it stands he will end up doing the wrong thing.

But there maybe a third as nobody knows what would happen if Greece ends up out of the Eurozone, of course we can all provide answers based on what we already know from the past, but as many economists now admit these are unusual times when this has never happened before ,so based on that thought alone how can we be certain of the outcome.
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