Dr Rowan Williams, Archbishop Of Canterbury, Backs ‘Robin Hood Tax’ On Banks

What always bothers me about the church getting involved goes back to when l was a boy and my Dad would say ” My Son Politics and Religion ” should never be mixed. At the time l thought l cannot see the reason but now many years later it becomes very clear that both have their own agenda and one relies on faith and the other relies on words.

What l mean by this statement is with religion and the church they are governed by faith and belief and with politics they are governed by words providing a way to act as duly elected officials for the people. Whereas the church expects us to believe in their God their way by prayer as they act as Gods messenger.

Me well l believe in God as our provider and not in politics as our savior and when l hear that religion or the church is getting involved in backing a tax l see one reason and that is they see a way to take what people believe and turn it into their way of filling their churches ant their coffers.
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