Phone Hacking: Bad Journalists Should Be ‘Struck Off’, Says Ivan Lewis

In the world of free rights and free enterprise we allowed ” Freedom of the Press ” and in so doing we gave cart`e blanch`e to providing a platform for anyone to print anything including half truths, part truths and even down to any connection they can mold together that sounds half plausible.

If you do not check your facts and print lies then you should not be allowed to print any news whatsoever­, as it brings down the reputation of every honest journalist­, that works hard every day to bring us quality news articles, well researched and well written.

The bottom line has become it sells newspapers and as we all know any news to these people including bad is good for newspaper profits, witness the rise of the Murdoch empire.
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Labour Party Conference 2011: Ed Miliband Warns Of ‘Quiet Crisis’ In UK Society

So if we acknowledg­e the new bargain my question would be any bargain is only an old product dressed up to look a bargain.

Then my questions to ED would be if we reward those that contribute to our society, who decides who the people are that are worthy to receive?

Also by what do we measure their contributi­on this will not not be contributi­ons to their party fund will it?

So l wait for you to put some flesh on the bones first before l can say, it might work, maybe.
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Tim Geithner: Infrastructure Spending Will ‘Make Companies More Competitive’

So often l have heard the words ” Making A Country More Competitiv­e ” my question has always been for WHO ? As when ever a politician with less foresight than a blind person struggling to see the light of human kindness as they make their way through tortuous twists and turns trying to justify their reason for recommendi­ng this company or that, but ending up with the ones that will make them money and not the poor little companies earning a penny.

This is what they called ” Opportunis­t ” not ” Competitiv­e ” so l add for this comment for WHO-ME?

So you can fool some of the people some of the time but not all of the people all of the time, try again Timothy and l suggest its before the US debt of $14 trillion grows to $15 trillion, clocks ticking.
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George Osborne: Six Weeks To Save The Euro

The problem with the financial crisis is that it can only be resolved by giving and not looking after your own little boat while others sink around you. The politician­s keep saying we all need to tighten our belts to pay for other peoples inept ability to look after the people and these inept people are our duly elected politician­s who are saying tighten your belts.

Of course he means YOU not HIM or any person who got us into this position in the first place, come on Mr Osborne if it means WE its time to mean YOU and your other hanger on`s as people are losing faith in their elected leaders to lead anyone and the sheep only can be shorn so many times and then their wool will not regrow.
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The Average UK Household Spends as Much a Week on Charity as They do on Cheese

The fact that charity is no longer the act of giving from oneself and now it comes from someones pocket no longer making it a thought of charitable giving from the table of love and care,but a business. They may use the analogy of it being a trust, non-profit or some fancy way to relieve people of their cash and making sure they can justify their actions by adding you get tax relief on your donations if you fill in this form.

Anyone coming and shaking a tin or bucket at me will not get me to give but if l see someone in need l will find a way to provide a job, food or a roof over their head, that is my way and l believe the true meaning of charity as it begins in the heart as home is were the heart is and boy does it make you feel good.

This way me and my organisati­on can choose who l feel really need help and guidance and as so often happened in the past, by giving money to anyone they never always use it to feed themselves­,but to gamble, drink or worse.
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Behind the Gates at Dale Farm

This is a case of which is more important people or houses and whether as a human beings we should put these people first and try to work with them instead of considerin­g that they are part of our NIMBY culture. With comments on the Telegraph live feed l had been following personally l was pleased that these people have got a reprieve be it short term and just maybe a they can reach an amicable decision.

Can we really call ourselves a nation of caring individual­s when we would evict fellow human beings without a thought for their children and the elderly?
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Goldman Sachs Could Be Headed Toward First Loss Since Financial Crisis

This is a necessary evil of people needing to invest their hard earned savings and looking at what investment products will give them the highest return, when in effect they should be looking not at short term gain but a long term strategy. So along comes a snake or a bank hell bent on fulfilling their wishes and them making a killing into the bargain.

The key is not too make a deal wit the devil by wanting the best of everything as one day the devil wants its pound of flesh.
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House Democrats Vow To Vote Against Stopgap Spending Bill

It really shows these up these duly elected representa­tives as not caring about anyone they are supposed to represent and the sheer fact they would rather cripple the country than have to give up any form of being right, makes them wrong in the extreme.
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Capital One Merger Presents Federal Reserve With ‘Too Big To Fail’ Test

I have been trawling through the I B C Final Report provided by Vicker`s and have only got to page 14 of 400 plus pages and so far cannot say l have come to any conclusion that will enable the UK to control banks activities­. So when it comes to banks too big to fail l have only one comment to make. If we do not let any business, company or bank the chance to fail we will never find the reason why they are unable to be controlled­, as l have always found hidden in any small print of any document is the answer, to the truth.

So my view in this case firstly is do not let UK or US taxpayers bailout greed and in so doing we now have the chance that eventually they will not need us as they have control over what we freely paid into our bank accounts in the past that made us feel able to control our own money but given enough rope they will control it for us and convince they are right.

Anyone interested in reading the pdf in full can download it at the link below and let me have your comments l did not put pdf url as you may wish to download opening remarks as well.

Once l have read all pages l will report my findings on my business blog at

Link for pdf is at http://ban­kingcommis­sion.indep­­.uk/
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Georgia Works: Obama Plan To Let Jobless Work For Free Gets Key Backing From Paul Ryan

I do not want to pour cold water that on the face of it seems a life saver for the unemployed and l agree with anything that will enable people to gain onsite training, as so often people do not get a chance to use their skills.

But is this not just a way for employers whose profits have been squeezed to have free labor and not just free but paid for with benefits provided by taxes paid by the remaining work force.
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