Foreclosure Reform Deal With Banks Still Far Off: State Attorneys General

Why l have asked so many times have these type of deals not been enforced and of course the answer always is that someone cannot get richer at the extent of someone not getting poorer, if they become law or get the bill passed.

As l have said before on Huffpost l am neither from the US or fully understand their laws in comparison to the ones in the UK but one thing l have learned helping people with their debts for over 30 years, people get into debt due to want and there is always someone out there willing to make money out of their want.

It started so long ago with pecuniary interest a small amount and became as payday loans show extorinate credit bargaining, now even our local banks feel no pangs of guilt at getting their pound of flesh.

The way forward use the power we have and want less and only satisfy need with what we have in our pockets, while we give them the power to get us into debt they win, we lose everytime.
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