” Legality Changes For The Poor “

As l said yesterday the noose is tightening around peoples neck`s under the apprehension we will all be better off in the end. To say the truth is hidden is an understatement to say the least. The fact that all that has been held dear and upholds our way of life, is being swept away in pursuit of welfare saving’s how far from the truth is it, watch as it unravels?
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The government has announced major changes to the system of civil legal aid in England and Wales.

Speaking in the Commons, Justice Secretary Kenneth Clarke said civil legal aid would only be routinely available in cases where life or liberty is at stake.

Funding for a wide range of disputes, including some divorce cases and clinical negligence would be axed.

The proposals are intended to cut the legal aid bill by £350m a year by 2015.

At present, anyone with assets worth less than £8,000 qualifies for legal aid – with those worth up to £3,000 paying nothing and others expected to make a contribution.

Under the new system, anyone with assets worth more than £1,000 will have to pay at least £100 towards their legal costs.

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