” How Simple It Is To Start A War “

I read this article more than once as l felt it required at least a more in depth understanding of what was being said, but find it both bizarre and incredulous, that such a simple order could start World War 3, what is anyones else’s opinion?
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Singer James Blunt has told the BBC how he refused an order to attack Russian troops when he was a British soldier in Kosovo.

Mr Blunt said he was willing to risk a court martial by rejecting the order from a US General.

But he was backed by British General Sir Mike Jackson, who told him “I’m not going to have my soldiers be responsible for starting World War 3”.

Blunt was ordered to seize an airfield – but the Russians had got there first.

“The direct command [that] came in from General Wesley Clark was to overpower them. Various words were used that seemed unusual to us. Words such as ‘destroy’ came down the radio.”

Asked if following the order would have risked starting World War 3, Blunt, who was a 25-year-old cavalry officer at the time, replied: “Absolutely. And that’s why we were querying our instruction from an American general”.

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